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Our Mission is to be the BEST consignment business of ladies’ fashions in Lincoln.  We also understand how generous Lincoln is with the welfare of those in need.  Crazy 4 Consignment wants to combine these two goals.  We will offer our consignors three options:

1)    Consignor receives 30% of the sales price of items sold.  Consignor may pick up items after the 90 day consignment period has ended.  Unsold items not picked up within 7 days of the end of the consignment period will become property of the store.  10-30% of the sales from the remaining items will be paid to our partnering charities.  Items not sold will be donated to Peoples City Mission.
2)    Consignor receives 30% of the sales price of items sold - same as option #1 above except consignor will not pick up unsold items after the 90-day consignment period has ended.  10-30% of the sales from the remaining items will be paid to our partnering charities.  Items not sold will be donated to Peoples City Mission.
3)    Contribute payments for sold items to a selected charity benefiting women and children in Lincoln.  Designated charity will receive 10-30% of items sold depending on the item’s sales price. 

All items that are not sold, or items not selected for consignment, will be donated to the Peoples City Mission.

C4C will offer our savvy and smart shoppers only the finest pre-owned inventory:
•    C4C is looking for clothing that was priced at a retail store for $50 or more.  C4C normally prices items 2/3 LESS than retail, which makes our prices at least $15.  We can’t compete against discount stores or thrift stores with lower quality items and prices.
•    Leave all original retail price tags on your items.
•    Consignment period will be 90 days.  If you want your items back before the end of the consignment period, you may be charged $2 per item returned.
•    Items may be discounted 25-50% during the consignment period.

Consignment by Appointment Only  
•    CALL or drop by during store hours (M-F 10-6 or Sat 10-4) to make an Appointment for Monday through Friday.  No email appointments will be accepted. 
•    Appointments will be made for either a 10 - 1 time block or from 2 – 5:00.  Limited appointments may be made for Saturdays.
•    Limit of 30 items per visit.  We may limit consignors to 100 items per season, depending on inventory.
•    We prefer for you to wait while we go through your items.
•    Or you can drop off with same day return.  If you do not return, items not selected for consignment will be donated to People’s City Mission.
•    If we find flaws in your selected items, that are not cleanable or fixable, they will be donated to People’s City Mission.  If they are cleanable or fixable, we will hold them for you to pick up.

We start accepting spring fashions later in February.

CLOTHING – We accept only the FINEST professional and casual ladies’ fashion and accessories. 
•    Designer and name brands only.  We want items that retailed for $50 or more.  No discount fashions, please.
•    We will not accept items that are missing the brand tag.
•    We accept all sizes including plus, petites, and juniors.
•    Seasonal Fall/Winter wear accepted August – December; Spring/Summer Feb. – June
      o    Fall (Aug-Sep) – transitional wear
      o    Winter (Oct-Dec) – coats, heavy sweaters, and sensible heeled and toed boots
      o    Spring (Feb-Mar) – transitional wear, capris
      o    Summer (April – June) – sandals, no shorts
•    Clothing needs to be up-to-date (3 years max., especially professional clothing) and in Excellent Condition
•    All clothing needs to be CLEAN, WRINKLE-FREE, and ready for the racks.  We ask that you transport clothing on hangers.  You will get your hangers back.  We DO NOT go through sacks, boxes, or laundry baskets of clothing.
•    We DO NOT accept shorts, lingerie, swim suits, sleepwear, uniforms, wedding and evening attire, maternity wear, men’s or children’s clothing.
•    For the following categories, here is what we are wanting
     o    Blouses – wrinkle-free non-iron blouses only
     o    Slacks – black and tan only; no elastic waist bands
     o    Jeans – upper-end name brands e.g. NYDJ, Jags, Buckle brands, etc, typically retailing for $75 or more.
     o    Juniors – Buckle brands only
     o    Coats – no all-weather coats or full-length dress coats
     o    Dresses – we are wanting appropriate dresses for the season; also we accept cocktail dresses
     o    Nebraska wear – quality items accepted during fall season
     o    Golf wear – upper end golf wear accepted in spring

ACCESSORIES – need to be in Excellent Condition. 
•    Shoes need to be like new, no wear.  No discount shoes, or inexpensive flip flops please.  Only bring in shoes for the appropriate season e.g. sandals for the summer, and sensible heeled and toed boots for winter.
•    Jewelry – we accept only from selected suppliers.
•    We accept fashionable scarves, leather belts, hats, and gloves (winter).

HANDBAGS - need to be in Excellent Condition on the exterior; interior needs to be clean.
•    No fakes please – it is illegal to sell.  To ensure authenticity, please bring receipt of purchase or name of store where it was purchased.
•    We want upper end bags retailing for $50 or more.

•    We will accept from selected suppliers only.  You can email or drop by with pictures of your items for consideration.
•    All items need to be clean and dust-free; no cracks, scratches, or chips.
•    Art work – only smaller pieces will be accepted.
•    All small accent furniture pieces need to be clean and in Excellent Condition.
•    Be prepared to let us know what you paid for the items so they can be priced accordingly.
•    We do not accept bedding, large amounts of collectibles, sets of dishes (or other kitchen wares that are not used for decorating).
•    We do not accept large furniture pieces
e.g. sofas, china hutches, or anything that takes a truck to move it!
Relieve your overflowing closet and home of excess items and receive a nice return on your sales.
Call or visit Crazy 4 Consignment in Lincoln today to get started!
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